The Power of Massage

Power Massage

The power of touch is a natural force that has a very profound effect on the human body. The use of touch helps to relax the nervous system, reduce soreness and swelling, and promotes healing. In the ancient Orient, especially in Japan, many people are so busy with their business that they are out of touch with the earth. This can cause them to suffer from a number of physical ills such as physical constipation, tiredness and insomnia. Therefore, they should enrich their experience of life by spending time in pleasant surroundings. A relaxing bath or massage is essential to recharge both body and mind.

Massage Therapy in America

Massage is one of the most ancient forms of treatment. As early as 4000 B.C., massage has been one of the key elements to health. It has been used for the treatment of physical ailments, Relaxation, and mental attitudes, among many other purposes. Today, massage has become an important element of Relaxation Therapeutics, which promotes healthy states through improved circulation, lengthening the energy cycle, relieving tight muscles, lowering hypertension, lowering blood sugar, reducing stress, and restoring the balance of the nervous system. The elements of massage therapy are safe and non-invasive. So, aside from getting a good massage, what other reasons are there for getting a massage?


Massage has a way of relaxing the nerves and body. It can induce a state of deep relaxation that can be helpful to almost anyone. You can most definitely benefit from a good massage if you are under extra stress at work or by having a painful back. The deep relaxation that can result from a good massage can help you be free of pain, able to more easily concentrate, and have increased energy.

Relaxation is an essential part of massage, for it allows the therapist’s skills to be enhanced and your fears to be taken at ease. It can also help you to unwind after a day’s work or even after a painful break up. The ability to deal with your fears is one of the many things that massage can do for you.

Massage can also be very beneficial during pregnancy, especially during the first several weeks. Massage has actually been known to induce relaxation and relieve the pain women often feel during this time. It also helps relieve PMS symptoms. Menopause has actually been known to relieve pain during intercourse, which many women find very relieve after a sex toy. There are also a number of other massage benefits, which includes improving circulation, reducing stiffness, increasing muscle tone, relaxing muscles, and improving posture.

Reducing Pain

Massage has long been considered a natural substance that could help in pain relief. However, there is now proof that massage may actually increase the feeling of pain. There is a massage therapist on the market today that claims to use an innovative Technique to help patients suffering from Light pain. This massage procedure is claimed to help by stimulating the nerves controlling the pain.

This massage technique is claimed to help by getting to the nerve endings located in the pelvic region by stimulating them even though the laser beam would not penetrate the skin. The therapist actually performs a series of deep tissue massages by using his hands to stimulate these nerves. The laser beam is actually felt by the patient, and not the therapist, according to the results of this massage. It is the combination of the Ultra Pain Relief technology and the massage which help the body cope with the pain. Many therapists claim that this massage also helps with flexibility, a good thing in and of itself as it helps with the body’s attempt to adapt to the injury.

Let’s just be sure and assume that you haven’t tried every other form of pain relief around the block. There are a few things that you can try to help as well. First, you can try some over the counter pain medications such as Tylenol or acetaminophen. Over the counter pain medications can often work wonders to ease the pain. The drawback to these medications is the effect they can have if taken long term. They can cause liver damage and other harmful side effects. Over the counter medications are commonly used for athletic injuries and related pains say The Spa and Lash Studio Clearfield

If these OTC pain relief medications don’t cut it for you, you can look for more potent drugs. You can opt for Botox injections or Iontophoresis treatment. The Botox injections are effective but very costly. The Iontophoresis treatment is less desirable in that it involves electricity and water, and widely desired by those who cannot live with the pain that electric needles inflict.

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